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Disclaimer, Editorial Policy & Copyright Notice for the Carbon Dragon Technical Website http://www.isd.net/sadkins/
These pages are presented here are for the use, education and enjoyment of those interested in the world of glider homebuilding.   No claim is made for the accuracy of materials presented. Content and/or policy opinions expressed within these pages are solely those of the author. They DO NOT necessarily reflect the position of any other person nor organization. Responsibility for accuracy in referred and hyperlinked materials rests entirely with the applicable author and no remuneration is made.

This website has been in operation since March 1998 with 60,941 visits as of 3/14/2004.

History of Website addresses:
    http://www.isd.net/sadkins/ .... Created March 1998, ISP was Innovative Software Designs, Inc.
    http://www.cpinternet.com/sadkins/ ... New address after ISD, Inc was purchased by CP Internet
    http://www.carbondragon.us ... Domain established March 2004 from Godaddy  http://www.godaddy.com

Note the www.isd.net webpage had an automatic "roll over" to the www.cpinternet.com address.

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