After the very basic training gained in the Para Pro 2 (Elementary) syllabus the instructor must now prepare the student for unsupervised flight in a club environment by consolidating and extending the training.



Each topic will require at least one set lecture period which should be carried out under classroom conditions.

  • Air law - the appropriate contents of the IHPA website Flight Safety pages and BHPA Pilot Handbook should be covered in detail.
  • Meteorology - introduction to basic cloud types and their associated weather; synoptic weather chart symbols and interpretation; basic meteorology of wave and thermal lift. Dynamic lift (i.e. hill lift) should be covered in detail; obtaining a forecast and measuring the wind speed 'on site.'
  • Airmanship and Navigation - the IHPA Safety Requirements and Recommended Practices, and IHPA Rules of the Air should be discussed, and the student introduced to the way Club Coaches operate; introduction to Aeronautical Charts, their interpretation and use; airspace (including radio) legal requirements.
  • Principles of Flight - lift and the factors involved; the various types of drag and their effect upon airspeed; max glide and min sink; centre of pressure; centre of gravity; stability and the various features of paraglider design and materials which affect it; forces (including weight shift) acting on a glider in steady flight; polar curves; airspeed and trim control devices and their effect; discuss unstable manoeuvres and recovery techniques.


  • Turns - stable 180° and 360° turns; height assessment for safe turns.
  • Landings - improving accuracy; control on approach; last minute adjustments.
  • Take-offs - achieving smooth launches in light and medium wind speeds.
  • Recovering an unstable paraglider.





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