How to use and manage the Comps Leagues


At present, this page consists of David May's notes and instructions on how IHPA/UHPC Leonardo admins can manage the leagues. More general instructions to pilots will follow shortly...


In cooperation with the UHPC, we have set up three XC Leagues on the Leonardo server:

  • IHPA League - for members of the IHPA only where their flight start in the Republic of Ireland
  • UHPC League - for members of the UHPC only where their flights start in the North of Ireland
  • All-Ireland League - for members of both the IHPA and the UHPC - where the flight starts anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Here's some more information on how to use the three leonardo clubs in order to manage the UHPC, IHPA and All Ireland xc leagues.
To see the respective xc league tables, you need to apply the correct filters.

First select the XC League menu option. Then apply the following filters ...

  • IHPA xc league: Add the following filters: Club = IHPA, Country = IE, Year = 2017
  • UHPC xc league: Add the following filters: Club = UHPC, Country = UK, Year = 2017
  • All Ireland xc league: Add the following filters: Club = All Ireland XC League, Country = All, Year = 2017

The filters do the following:

  • Club: only shows flights from members of this Leonardo club
  • Country: only shows flights where the launch site is associated with this country code ***
  • Year: self explanatory

*** We ran into a problem initially with both the UHPC and All Ireland clubs as they were including UK sites that were not on the island of Ireland. This was because we needed to allow UK sites (in order to cover the sites in the North) but this inadvertently included flights where a member had flown from a site in mainland UK. To get around this issue, we asked Leonardo admin to create a GPS bounding box around Ireland and to limit all three clubs to sites within that box, regardless of what country filter was applied. See attachment for details.

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