Gregory (Gus) Malm

Mojave, U.S.A.

Started building Alnair 1996 - First flight 2001
Started building Realm 2007 - First flight 20??



The Alnair

- a powered derivative of the Carbon Dragon

The Alnair here is my powered version of the CD shown [see Photos tab] landing on her first hop as N601CE 02/17/2004.  I experienced a climb that day of 500' p/min on the 10 hp single cylinder 2-stroke embedded in the port wing root and belt reduced out to the 64" folder.  Unfortunately the ship pod was destroyed in a trailer haul mishap in 2007.  I am nearing first flight of a new two place side by side under the same wing.  Wing has been tested to 5.41 g+ with single but I will definitely test again for new loads before attempting flight of the new two I call 'REALM'.

06 Dec 2014 - Gus writes: I flew the first pretty much as CD in 2001.  It was a magnificent machine even at a heavy 107 kg empty.  My spar caps were 360K Zoltek tow and I believe at the root they comprised some 20 strands stepping off as out from there.  With my weight at 75 kg the wings were loaded to 5.41G with 8 inches deflection only root to tip each.  I utilized JM's saturating machine modified slightly with six copper over/under pins/rollers to get good wet out with Aeropoxy 2032 and a slow Aeropoxy hardener....3665.  You might also consider the Aeropoxy 3660 if you want even more open working time!

During early flights I found I could turn as tight as the flex wings and do it with less alt. loss.  I on final did 3 360's to loose altitude starting at 100' over the corn and each time lost no more than 20' leaving me 40' altitude for a fast clean dash the last 350 feet over the corn to the runway over which safely I thought I would never settle to land.  This performance was with no convective I am sure and kept to what I had come to hold on to in expectation of the machine after personally seeing Gary Osoba do some similar flying when at Hutchinson, KS in 1995.  

I with neg. (up) flaps had her up to 75 mph once and their seemed no surprises.  The controls were heavy as expected....but she felt solid and comfortable under me.  

A super machine that I continue to develop as I am utilizing the same wing in a two place build that will hold both me and my new bride. (100 lbs.) side by side for hopefully some amazing soaring and some fun powered cross country travel.   If the idea is safe and a solid performer than perhaps a prototype will be built for a possible kit offering.  Looking to finish in the next year and get about testing.  Shall keep you posted.

Best Regards,

GUS Malm

Phil Lardner writes: Looking at your Alnair photos, I see one that shows the pilot pod with a small diameter propeller sticking out the back, below the tail boom. I'm guessing this was an early incarnation and probably didn't generate enough thrust (and hence the larger, off-axis prop)? All the best, Phil.

Gus replies: Right U are! Too small 5 hp. Zenoah engine and prop... but went to the 11 HP engine; seen in the off axis photos, in that same stinger position with a 28 inch prop and a Shindaiwa EB254 leaf blower mounted in the main wheel fairing (you can see the hole where it sat) to cool the thing adequately... worked well but still was only essentially a modest sustainer though it would allow anemic self launch.