Technical Plans for the Carbon Dragon

The Carbon Dragon is an ultralight, high performance glider conceived by the late Jim Maupin who also designed the famous Woodstock sailplane and the Windrose motorglider.  Jim received encouragement from Irv Culver, who promised to "run the numbers".   As a result, Jim Maupin with an assist from co-designer Irv Culver, produced an exciting sailplane for which at least 476 plan sets have been sold.   The detailed plans were drawn by Bill Baker whom Maupin described as, "...  a fellow home builder and consummate draftsman."  Many people, who have flown the prototype, have commented on its excellent handling.

Plans for the Carbon Dragon are no longer available for purchase, though it is sometimes possible (if you're very lucky) to pick these up on eBay. Jim Maupin expressed hope that designers would take this design to the next level. Modern composite materials, especially carbon, now make this dream possible. A scanned set of plans has been available on the internet for some years and is reproduced here for archival purposes: