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Started building 2000 - First flight 2005


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Carbon Dragon needs a home

From the Oz Report - Tue, May 8 2007

[Update 2012: Malcolm Jones who owns the Wallaby Ranch Flight Park in Florida tells me that Roger Sherrod bought Ozzie's CD and is now flying it there.]

Ozzie Haines <ozzie> has decided that he wants to do other things, and no longer wishes to fly his Carbon Dragon.  To this end he wants to dispose of it, but in a way that will see it continue to fly with its new owner.  To this end the price asked will depend on how easy it is to move on, and the needs/deserving nature of a new owner.  This cost may be as little as £200 plus the cost of the parachute that the aircraft has fitted.

The glider was built over a 5 year period, approximately 2000 to 2005.  It has been flown a number of times and has the relevant testing documentation.  The glider is stored in a rented place, which will expire in August.  The aircraft is a labour of love, and hence is going to be found a new home as such, and Ozzie is looking for a new owner for it not a salesman who is looking for a quick killing.

The Carbon Dragon is a Class 4 Hang glider (not necessarily foot launch/land) and can be flown/towed up by HG aerotow outfits in some parts of the World.

The aircraft has no trailer and has been transported on a custom made attachment to a roof rack.  It is situated on the South Downs, in the UK, about 60 miles due South of London.

Interested parties should contact Ozzie at the above e-mail address.  If you are somewhere else in the World, it may fit into a container, derigged, for shipping.