Contest for the Purchase of the Last Plans Set

[Revised 7/12/2004]

A contest is being conducted to see who bought the last set of plans from the Maupins; and thus, has the highest serial number.  The prize is publishing your number and a link.  Thanks to Steve for not only sending in his serial number, but sending a photo of his plans canister with the serial number.  Due to some kind of mix up on my part, I used Steve's letter but attributed it to another builder.

Please be aware this is the fourth "Steve" involved with the Carbon Dragon:

Steve Rappe ... building
Stéphane Abbet ... complete
Steve Arndt ... complete (Magic Dragon ... renamed due to modifications)
Steve Adkins ... no longer building

Please include Name, address, email, Serial Number and Intentions to build, study or modify.

Update from Winner - Steve Rappe with Serial No. 476
Subject: plans number 476 
Steve Rappe of Ft. Mill S.C. 

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Steve writes ...... 


Hi Steve, 

I was just examining your new Carbon Dragon page and noticed you updated the plans sold to number 473.  I can only imagine you are serious about the number sold.  ... snip ... Anyway here is a photo of my canister.  


I'm still working on building space but have a hope to build the Cd or a derivative. 

cd ser no steve rappe


Usually, being first decides the winner, but in this case ...
the Winner for the CD contest is last ... holding the highest serial number is ... #473

Steve Rappe 
Email, Tue 2/4/2003 1:29 AM ....

Hi Steve, 

I was the last person to buy plans from Margaret Maupin.  I received an email stating that they no longer sold plans - after mine were paid for!  I replied to the email and found out I wasn't supposed to get it.  My set was the last sold.  Serial number is 473.

Too bad, seems to be quite a demand for the plans, even if it is just for study (like myself).  I'm still getting some design work done on my derivative design, but starting up a new business has slowed progress considerably.  Hopefully by late fall, I'll be ready to start making molds and parts. 

Note: Jim Maupin hoped for derivative designs.