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Numbering system:
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     The remaining numbers are the month (06 is June).
     9811-12 ... is 1998 November/December
Note that there are periods when we did not publish an issue.
The index for a calendar year is normally posted during February of the following  year.


 January/February 2001
Cover Photo: V ½, second cover photo – Stan Hall in the Cherokee II
Model Aircraft News from the Western Workshop
Thoughts on the Value of the Stabilizer and Rudder in Microlift Applications, by Steve Arndt
APIS WR Sets a New Ultralight Glider World Record
More on Report 45 for Flutter Substantiation, by Al Backstrom
Duster Kit Offer
Duster Sailplane Reunion
Grus Americana, by Gary Osoba
Stumbling and Bumbling Toward an Ultralight Self-launching Sailplane, by Jim Terry
Information about the Silent-IN
The Exel Motorglider
Duster Comments from Cam Martin
News on the APIS
News on the Manque Project
Announcing the 2001 Central Workshop
Peter Saitta is Looking for a Container full of TeST Motorgliders
Wing Stands, by Philip Mudgett
News from Eric Raymond
Charles Gray Continues to Make Progress on his Europa
A Practice Run for a Potential Ultralight Sailplane Event to be held Annually in Florida
Cover Story: About Flight Tests, by Professor V. Pajno
The Esprit DD-1 Motorglider
Regarding the Windrose – A Letter from Robert Goff
Windrose Accident Information
A Few Comments on Stability and Control of Amateur Built Sailplanes, by John Sinclair
Thoughts on the Windrose, by Dan Armstrong
Electronic Mail Received from Mat Redsell
A Few Words from your Editor, Janice Armstrong
A Few Thoughts from our SHA President, Gary Osoba

March/April 2001
Cover:  Bill Spencer with Irv Prue’s Primary
SHA Historian Goes Electric
Webmaster Steve Adkins Adds New Features to our Website
Listing of all Articles Ever Published in Our Newsletter Available
An update from Peter Saitta about his TST-8 order
Ask a Master – Why do Primaries have Skids instead of Wheels?
SHA Eastern Workshop 2001
Design and Test of an Improved Crashworthiness Small Composite Airframe, by James E. Terry
How It Felt to Fly in 1897
WinDancer Update
Information about the Antares Motorglider
Windrose Feedback
Scribbles on an Arizona Hangar Wall
Marske Flying Wings Information
Sliding Nose Unit, by Don Santee
One of Yasushi Akahori’s Ideas for his Carbon Dragon project
May/June 2001
Cover: Dan Rihn’s HP-11
Membership of the SHA, by Eric Norris
Stall Strips, by Bob Fronius
Eastern Workshop Dates Changed
Light Hawk Project is Coming Along Nicely
Skyout Florida 2001, by Janice Armstrong
A Geologist Builds a Duster BJ1b, by Andre Leeb-du Toit
Irv Prue’s SIMP Design
HP Projects
Things to Think About…, by Robinson Doosoe
The Story of the Company TeST
Cam’s Looking for A Private Pilot Article
Duster Talk Scheduled for Oshkosh
Moriarty 2001 Superb Central Division Workshop Scheduled
Some Thoughts on Forward-Pivot Canopy Hinge Design, by Bob Kuykendall
World Soaring Membership 2001

July/August 2001
Cover:   Tom Riley’s American Spirit
SHA Eastern Workshop
SHA Western Workshop
American Spirit #017, N301TR, Flies at Last!, by Tom and Jean Riley
An Italian Thesis about a Flying Wing with Electrical Propulsion, by Vittorio Pajno
A Long Awaited Book is Available about Dick Schreder
John Naubert goes to the Midwest
An Amateur-Built Motorglider, by Gene Whigham
A Great Resource Offer from SHAer Bob Mackey
2001 Central Division Workshop Report, by Janice Armstrong
SKY PUP, as viewed by SHA Historian Don Santee
Marske Flying Wings Newsletter

September/October 2001
Cover:  Irv Prue and Brian Jacobs at the Prue Pearblossom home
News of Philip Mudgett’s 1-26 Restoration Project
A Very Special Barnaby Lecture Scheduled for November 3, 2001
Remembering Irv, by Bruce Carmichael
News of the Famous Torrey Pines Gliderport
A Letter from Charlie Gray
Comments about the New Book on the Aviation Life of Dick Schreder
New Book Available about US WWII Military Glider Program
Prue Primary Goes to School, by Brian Jacobs
Information on the HP-24 Sailplane Project, by Bob Kuykendall
Dynamic Soaring and Sailplane Energetics, by Taras Kiceniuk Jr.

November/December 2001
Cover:  John Hansen’s S-2a Motorglider
Second Cover – Song:  “Keep Flying Until Then”, words by Sue McGarraugh
Strojnik S-2a Motorglider Project, Plan #100, by John Hansen
Dave Hudnut’s SHA Eastern Workshop 2001 Report
Pat Bretthauer’s ALPINE
A Very Special Photo
Norm Grim is Writing a Book About WWII Glider Flying
Information on the TINY MITE and other Midget Sailplanes, by Bob Fronius
A Soaring Lesson in Creativity and Courage
The Sailplane Designer and the University, by Vittorio Pajno
Flying Stories:  A Hang Glider Flight to Remember, by Norm McElroy
Scribbles on the Hangar Wall:  “The Old Sky Sailer”, by Don Santee
Cepheus Powered Sailplane News
News on the Manque Ultralight Glider
Philip Mudgett on Wing Tips  


Dust Cover Photo:  Donald Douglas and Hawley Bowlus by a Bowlus sailplane, early 1940s.
Cover Photo:  Rik Fritz in the Sa-4 Sportster
How to Lay Out A Skewed Pulley Bracket    Stan Hall
Another Woodstock Builders Forum     Clint Brooks
More on Aerodynamics      V. Pajno
AC-5 Motorglider Undergoes Successful Testing in Russia  Press Release
About the Sa-4       Don Santee
More Discussion on Seals
National Soaring Museum Selects a New Executive Director
Aerodynamic Analysis of the Carbon Dragon Airfoils  Alejandro Ramirez-Pineiro
Spotlight on Members: Sandra Harmon and Terry Menees
Fundamentals of Sailplane Design Book Review   Bruce Carmichael
A Most Interesting Guy – Judah Milgram    Janice Armstrong
Voyage in Germany       Vittorio Pajno
My Europa Motorglider Project     Charles Gray
Marske Flying Wings News
Wave Flying Book Available
The Arvin Remembrance
Spar Strength        Otto Zauner
SHA Membership Log

Dust Cover Photo:  Dave Magerstadt and Raul Blacksten in a Slingsby T-31
Cover Photo:  Harry Rich’s Woodstock Skeleton
Arvin Envelopes
How to Design Bolted Joints in Wood for Use with Eccentrically-Loaded Fittings  Stan Hall
Flying News from Romania      Ovidiu Bora
A Spring Motorglider Checklist
News on the Jonathon Awards     George Lauman
Blue Wren Update       Neville Swan
Steve’s Beautiful Dragon visits the Pea Patch
The Carbon Dragon’s Natural Evolution to MANQUE  Alejandro Ramirez-Pineiro
Marske Flying Wings News
Report on the 1999 Australian Homebuilt Sailplane Association Symposium Gary Sunderland
The Maneuvering Flight Envelope     John Ashford
Introducing Cepheus Sailplanes
The V ½ Static Test       Vittorio Pajno
SHA Chapter One Meets in February

Cover Photo: JJ and Pat Sinclair’s Bowlus Super Albatross
A SHA Unsung HeroHarald Buettner
Book Information:  The Platypus Papers, Exploring the Monster
National Soaring Museum Curator Opportunity
Cepheus Designs Now Available Direct from the Manufacturer
Thoughts on Building Sailplanes
PW-5 Smyk in a Kit Version
Elements of Tailless Sailplane Design    Al Backstrom
Strojnik S2A Motorglider E-mail List formed
JJ and Pat Sinclair’s Beautiful Bowlus Super Albatross
The Jones Boys       Jack Laister
Brad Hill’s Russia Flies
Introducing the Gannet
A Glance Over the Horizon:  Possible Future for Gliders  Boris Doukarevitch
The Care and Feeding of a Pet Monarch    Mat Redsell
Lessons Learned Buying a New Glider    Robert Lee Moore

Cover Photo:   Wayne Spani’s Bowlus Baby Albatross at the historic Arvin Sierra Glider Port
A Report from our Friends Down Under
A Must Read if you are interested in West Coast Soaring History
Olympos Home Page Now Available in English
Soaring with Ancient Spirits      Wayne Spani, Jr.
News from Marske Flying Wings
The First Published Account of the Wright Brothers Flight  Amos Ives Root
Design Contests – What Do We Derive?    Don Santee
More on Brad Hill’s Russia AC-4KC
Lynn Ericksen’s 1-19 Project
Technical Committee Would Benefit Members   Don Santee
Soaring through Ancient Skies
International Motorcycle Travel After Retirement   Norman McElroy
National Soaring Museum Offers Print to Donors
A Forecast of Things that could come in the 21st Century  Jack Laister
Flat Top Piston, Three Deuces and A Three Quarter Cam  Peter C. King
Armstrong Aviation WinDancer Update    Dan and Janice Armstrong
On Flutter        Vittorio Pajno
Woody Jones:  1946-2000      Les and Marilyn King
A Note from Al Backstrom
About the Silent Motorglider

Cover Shot:   Your SHA Officers Hard at Work
Great News About a Grunau Baby
The Champ Departs – Memories of Ed Lockhart
For Motorgliders and Sailplane Tugs:
    How To Determine Engine Cruising Horsepower from Your Tachometer       Stan Hall
A Flying Plank Sailplane for Today?     Al Backstrom
Gary Sunderland’s Thoughts on Bolted Wing Fittings to Wood Spars
News on the V ½ Testing Program
The MOBA Story       Gary Sunderland
Re-examining the small light sailplane    Bruce Carmichael
Marske Flying Wings News
Two Recent Homebuilt Sailplane Crashes

Dust Cover:  Bowlus Baby Albatross on winch launch at Arvin-Sierra, 1941
Cover Shot:   Harry Rich’s Woodstock I
Harry Rich’s Woodstock I
A Senior Pilot Assist       Bob Moore
Aussies Visit IVSM       Howard Burr
Marske Flying Wings News
SHA Chapter One Meets
Book Review: Alianti Italiani
News from the Ukraine      Alexey Dushyn
Cam Martin is  Gathering Information on Dusters
More V ½ News from Professor V. Pajno
Central Workshop Report      Dennis Olcott
Eastern Workshop Report      Dennis Olcott
Western Workshop Report      Dennis Olcott


Cover:  The Blue Wren Motorglider
The Yellow Witch Story  Keith Nolan
Russia Kits Available      News Release
Sa-4 Sportster News      Don Santee
A most interesting trailer  (PW-5)
News regarding the Blue Wren
Kevin Sedgman’s SUNBIRD
The Horten H X series:  Ultralight Sailplanes  Albion H. Bowers
November Arizona SHA "Chapter One" Meeting Report Terry Menees and Sandra Harmon
Carbon Dragon Builders Meet in Minnesota   S. Steve Adkins
Ian Lea’s Rib Test Results
News about Marske Flying Wings
Back Issues Available
WinDancer Update      Dan Armstrong
Regenerative Battery-Augmented Soaring   Paul B. MacCready
SHA Membership Directory

Cover:  Static wing load testing of an American Spirit
Wing Load Testing of Bob Barbour’s Project
Brigadoon Flies at "Wings Over the Rockies"
IVSM-2000 is coming up!
Book Review:  Sailplanes by Schweizer, A History  Jeff Byard
Business Opportunity:  Windex 1200C
Letter received from Aero Dovron, Inc.
Those "Yellow Witch" Photos We Promised You!
Spirit Builders Do Static Wing Load Tests   Ralph Luebke
Shoulder Harness      Howard Burr
SSA Convention 1999
Plastic Faced Plaster Molds     Joseph P. Alvarez
News on Marske Products
Alejandro Ramirez-Pineiro’s Sailplane Seat
News from Slovenia on a Classic Aerobatic Glider and a New Motorglider
WinDancer Update
Ian Lea’s Rib Test Revision
Ian Lea’s Spar Comparisons
High Flight Modified
Gary Osoba’s Record Flight in the Maupin/Culver Woodstock: Official Pilots Narrative
SHA Archivee Photos: Carbon Dragon Prototype, Windex Prototype, Icarus II
Cover:  Roy Price’s beautiful S2A
News Flash: Death of Jack Lambie
Roy Price’s S2A     Roy Price
Bernie Gross of "Deaf Hawk" fame weds  Howard Burr
How Strong is Kiefer Pine    Jeff Byard
Long Time Sailplane Development Panel Chairman Visits Tehachapi
Ian Lea’s Motorglider Project
More from Ian Lea on Spars
The State of the Homebuilt Glider Movement in Europe V. Pajno
"Paradise Gained"     Helen Burr
Two Italian Gliders: The Aliante V1 and the V1/2 V. Pajno
Homebuilder Rambles:  Epoxy Resins  R.U. Buildin
Ted Nelson’s Hummingbird finds a New Nest
Moments in Sailplane Building, 1932 – Jack Laister’s first homebuilt sailplane flew
1999 Eastern VSA Regatta
Were you at Arvin in 1937-1941?
Tehachapi over Memorial Day was a good place to be

Cover:  Sa-4, drawing by Don Santee
Marske Flying Wings News    Mat Redsell
How to Size the Caps in a Wooden Box Spar, without Math    Stan Hall
Book Review:  The Epoxy Book   Peter King
Paul Johnson’s Windrose Flies!
One Concept of Soaring    Earl O. Menefee
Steve Arndt is Flying his Carbon Dragon
My Project Experiences    Jerry Booker
Thoughts on the Loss of Jack Lambie
Progress Report on the Sa-4 Sportster  Don Santee
More news from     Jure Lokovsek
Jack laister’s LA-1 – Photos
Howard Burr’s Trailer for sale
Homebuilder Rambles – Resins   R.U. Bildin
Einstein was there     Gary Osoba
Chapter Number One Members Help with Sa-4 Spar Test     Terry Menees
News and a Great shot -  Windrose wings  Richard Ilfeld
News from Professor Vittorio Pajno
April 29, 2000:  The Arvin Remembrance Events     Janice Armstrong
The Historical Significance of Arvin   Stan Hall
Collecting the History of the SHA – Can You Help?
SHA President Gary Osoba hosts ABC News Film Crew
Mike Sandlin’s Basic Ultralight Glider "Bug2"
To all concerned with Electrically- and solar-powered flying FAI
The Jonathons are here!

Cover:  The Junco
Paul A. Schweizer named as the 1999 Barnaby Lecturer
News from Down Under: From our Friends in the Australian Homebuilt Sailplane Association
1999 Eastern SHA Workshop held at Elmira in July  Dave Hudnut
1999 Eastern SHA Workshop Annual Business Meeting Al McCarty
"Birds of a Feather" A Most Excellent Symposium at the National Soaring Museum
The Junco Glider – An Update   John V. Duncan
An Illustrated Primer on Bolt Holes in Wood Stan Hall
Mylar Gap Seals – Potential Deadly Hazard  Robert Lee Moore
National Soaring Museum Heritage Campaign
Flight Safety:  A spin off a winch launch in a HP-18  George Graham
Ralph Luebke’s Sailplane Trailer Kit
Irv Culver Obituary
Marske Flying Wings News
Calculations on Soaring Sink: Energy and Power Calculations when Soaring Sink Pockets
       Taras Kiiceniuk, Jr.
My American Spirit’s First Flights   Ralph Luebke
Bruce Hotz’ Tiger and Tiger II Sailplanes- drawings

Cover:  Jonathon Award Winners from the 1999 SHA Western Workshop
1.59 Cent Pneumatic System    Peter C. King
Letting Go…for $3.95    Peter C. King
Annual Report to the SSA Board of Directors from the SHA  Gary Osoba
1999 Central Division Workshop   Janice Hagen
So you are getting a Self-Launching Sailplane? Congratulations, but please fly safely!
       Bob Moore
The Model Solution     Dick Harrington
Marske Flying Wings News    Mat Redsell
Don Michna’s Lite Sailer, an ultralight motorglider
A Dawning at Tehachapi – Report of the 1999 SHA Western Workshop
       Bruce Carmichael
The Lectures at the 1999 SHA Western Workshop     Bruce Carmichael
A Few Final Thoughts on the 1999 Western Workshop     Janice Armstrong
Spanload and the Minimization of Induced Drag     Albion H. Bowers


SHA Bylaws
Listing of Members
SHA Publications  Reference
Cover: Ken Huffine’s Compact 110
Designers Forum   Don Santee
Sailplane Aerodynamic and Performance Fundamentals  Bruce Carmichael
A Spoiler Status Indicator   Vic Saudek
Cover: Baby Bowlus, built in 1940
Edgley Sailplanes Limited News Release
Designers Forum   Don Santee
Motorglider Operation   Eric Greenwell
Eccentric Loads on Mechanical Fasteners     Ray Hudson
Metal Bending   Ray Semple
What? An Error in the Collected Works?   Stan Hall
Cover: Screaming Wiener/Li’l Dogie
Screaming Wiener/Li’l Dogie Story   Doug Fronius
Russ McAnery’s Wonderful Sailplane Trailer    Jay Morrison
Cover: Don Santee’s next sailplane, the Sa-4
WinDancer ultralight sailplane: design background/history
   Dan Armstrong
Photos from the Files of Roger Amundson
The Plover   Roger Amundson
Gemini Sailplane visits Tonopah, Nevada  Gary Osoba
Cover:  Ray Watson and his Spirit at Harris Hill during the
    1998 SHA Eastern Workshop
1998 Eastern Workshop       Dave Hudnut
Berblinger Competition       Dick Harrington
Light sailplane, the path to microlift soaring
         Bruce Carmichael
Light and ultralight self launchers      Bruce Carmichael
Mold releasing from square one: how waxing works
         Joseph Alvarez
Proposed sandwich skin moldless wing construction    Ian Lea
Cover: Eric Raymond’s ultralight sailplane
Thoughts on the 1998 SHA Western Workshop    Bob Moore
Lectures at the 1998 SHA Western Workshop    Bruce Carmichael
Other thoughts on the 1998 Western Workshop    Janice Armstrong
Gust load factors for sailplanes of very low wing loading   Stan Hall
Oran Nicks remembered       Janice Armstrong
WinDancer ultralight sailplane      Dan Armstrong
How to lay out a stabilator anti-servo tab        Stan Hall
Colorado ultralight glider development           David Richards
Mitchell B-10 and U-2 news from Richard Avalon
Whatever became of NEPTCO’s carbon rod?      Jim Marske
Photos from the 1998 SHA Western Workshop
Cover:  Ken Huffine’s Compact 110
Jim Marske and his 1st Flying Wing Workshop      Mat Redsell
Motorglider symposium       Bruce Carmichael
From the SHA Photo Gallery
Woodstock builders forum       Clint Brooks
Wing ribs and gallo salami       Joseph Alvarez
Lynn Ericksen’s Grunau Baby II-B Project
The Edgley EA9 Optimist
Meanwhile, back at the Workshop        T.Rye Builden
Sa-4 Sportster news       Don Santee
Notes from recent Arizona Chapter One Gatherings    Terry Menees, Sandra Harmon
1999 SHA Central Workshop
Flying Both Ends of the Envelope
SSA Convention 1999
A Special Weekend at Mountain Valley Airport
TeST Spol s.r.o. producing sailplane kits
Towing event held at El Mirage Dry Lake


Cover:  Les King’s and Gary Sundberg’s prototype Primer
1996 Membership Survey   Dan Armstrong
Membership Directory
SHA Member Interests Listing
SHA Publications Reference
Cover:  Gary Osoba over Harris Hill in Carbon Dragon Prototype
Woodstock Builders Forum   Clint Brooks
Carbon Spar Design   Jim Marske
Cover:  Flair 30 by Gunther Rochelt:  drawings
Woodstock Builders Forum   Clint Brooks
Low Sink Glider   Frans van der Kreek
Soaring Simulator - SFS
Cover:  Floyd Fronius landing the SuperFloater
How’s the Checkbook   Dan Armstrong
Gliders Available as Kits or Plans
In Appreciation   Howie Burr
Victor Saudek, In Memoriam   Howie Burr
George Lauman and Don Santee at the first Arizona Rendevous
Arizona Rendevous   George Lauman
David Swanson’s Light Sailplane Design:  The Foul Air
Affording a Motorglider   Eric Greenwell
What’s going on with Les King’s Primer?
Structural Element Design with Rod Packs  Charles Rogers,  Stan Raczelowski
Cover:  Matt Kollman’s rigid wing hang glider, The Raptor, on Mark West’s test vehicle
Flying Wing Symposium   Bruce Carmichael
Ogar: A Factory Built Two Seat Motorglider  Ed Boon
The Raptor, A rigid wing hang glider kit  Matt Kollman
1997 Central Division Workshop   Jay Morrison
Cover:  Ken Huffine’s Compact 110 at the Western Workshop
Western Workshop   Bruce Carmichael
Western Workshop Photo Album   David Magerstadt
   Jay Morrison
A Fantasy of Flight    Douglas C. George
Cover:  Alan Pickup’s Woodstock
Woodstock Builders Forum   Clint Brooks
First Flight of the BUG   Mike Sandlin
Jim Mills’ Carbon Dragon   Jim Mills
Cover:  Don Matheson’s RHJ-8 over Tehachapi
Designers Forum   Don Santee
Woodstock Builders Forum   Clint Brooks
What? An Error in the Collected Works?   Stan Hall
Photos of Jim Mill’s Carbon Dragon
Obituary:  Steve Marton


Cover:   Prescott, Arizona club winch - Bob Sparling and AC Goodwin
Book Announcement: Memoirs of Gliding and Soaring, by Ted Bellak
In Memory of Walter H. Setz   Vic Saudek/Howie Burr
Woodstock Builder's Forum
Glider Building in the Public School System, Class of 33  Richard Benbough
Cover:  Bernie Gross’ Deaf Hawk" Pioneer II A & D
Obituary - Ruth Leona Barrett Culver
Mini Straton D-7 Ultralight Motorglider Aero Dorvon, Inc.
Things What I Learned Building a Hangar  Robert Lee Moore
SHA Member Profile:  June Wiberg, SHA Western VP  Janice  Armstrong
Mountain Flying in California in June   S. Steve Adkins
Open Cockpit Day at Mountain Valley Airport
Brian Jacobs’ Prue Standard with LH-1 wing
Know Your Officers:  Bruce  Carmichael, President  Janice Armstrong
ASK-21 Schleicher Seat   S. Steve Adkins
Tehachapi 96 Workshop Preview   Bruce Carmichael
Low Viscosity Epoxies   Ian Lea
Epoxy Treatment of Bolt Bearing in Wood- Low Viscosity Epoxy Ian Lea
Box I Beam Spar Graph   Ian Lea
Data on the Carbon Dragon   S. Steve Adkins
VSA News: Franklin Wins Gross Award, Baby Stoia Wins Moswey Raul Blacksten
TST-1-Alpin: New Recreational Aircraft of the Future  Sales Literature
Pete's Page               Pete Bonotaux
Cover: Ruben Bruyn’s 12 M Woodstock, built in Paraguay
1st impressions of the Swift and PW5      Stewart Midwinter, John Roake,
                     David  Woodhouse
Silent light sailplane
Woodstock builders forum       Clint Brooks
Cover: Glen Bone’s Pioneer II-D
Second Impressions of the Swift      Stewart Midwinter
Silent light sailplane       Bruce Carmichael
Welcoming Address to the Eastern Workshop
         Bruce Carmichael
Irv Culver and Jim Maupin      Bruce Carmichael
Scenes from the Eastern Workshop 1996
Report from Harris Hill   Mat Redsell
Cover:  Silent sailplane being towed by Sirio "Ten" trike with 64 hp Rotax
Woodstock Builders Forum   Clint Brooks
Carbon Dragon Flies into History at the Eastern Workshop Steve Atkins
News from the East   Mat Redsell
Cover:  Carbon Dragon over Harris Hill at SHA Eastern Workshop
Eastern SHA Workshop
Woodstock N32131   Phil Hart
Scenes from the Western Workshop
Thoughts on the Carbon Dragon Mockup  Steve Adkins
Cover:  Bernie Gross’ Deaf Hawk Pioneer II during Western Workshop
Meet Your Officers:  Jim Marske   Janice Armstrong
My Windrose 15 meter Project   JR Caukwell
Scenes from the Western Workshop 1996


Cover:  Ken Anderson flying SuperFloater with John Heiney in a TRX hang glider nearby
Woodstock Builder's Forum   Clint Brooks
How to Determine Wing Shears and Bending Moments
Almost Instantly   Stan Hall
The SuperFloater   Dan Armstrong
   Larry Hall
Pete's Page   Pete Bonotaux
Historian's Column   Donald Santee
Meanwhile, Back at the Workshop   Mrs. T. Rye Builden
Cover: Soarcraft’s American Falcon
Woodstock Builder's Forum   Clint Brooks
Wonder Down Under   Robert Marriott
First Modern Motorglider   Robert Lee Moore
1995 SSA Convention in Reno   Dan Armstrong
Pete's Page   Pete Bonotaux
Cover:  Felix Chardon’s Waco primary glider project
Woodstock Builder's Forum  Clint Brooks
A Modular Sailplane   Victor M. Saudek
SHA Historian's Column   Donald Santee
Waco Primary Photo Album   Felix Chardon
Cover: Volmer Jensen flying the prototype VJ-23 hang glider
Woodstock Builder's Forum      Clint Brooks
Oh, how the magic continues      Gary Osoba
More Homebuilders Homely Hints       Victor Saudek
Pete’s Page   Pete Bonotaux
Cover:  Gary Osoba flying the prototype Carbon Dragon
Bonding Wood   Guenther Schmidt
Pete’s Page   Pete Bonotaux
Woodstock Builder’s Forum   Clint Brooks
More on Microlift Techniques   Gary Osoba
Cover:  Rick and Bill Seargeant’s Falcon
Flying MOBA   Gary Sunderland
Obituaries: Nathan Bain, Robert Blaine, Leonard Niemi  Vic Saudek
   Pete Bonotaux
Woodstock Builder's Forum   Clint Brooks
Limit Load Test of Soarcraft's ASC Falcon  Dan Armstrong
Flying the Batplane at the Nationals   Karl Striedieck
Pete's Page   Pete Bonotaux
Cover:  Jeff Byard preparing for a truck tow of the Baby Bowlus
Building the Carbon Dragon Rudder Horn  Clint Brooks, Jonathan Pitt
1995 Eastern Workshop Photo Album   Al McCarty/Jeff  Snyder
Cover:  Mark "Forger" Stuckey on ground tow in Super Floater
Genesis information   Jim Marske
Ultralight licensure information   Jim Marske
Mini Straton D-7 UL Motorglider three-view
New Book Announcement: Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Bruce Carmichael
1995 SHA Eastern Workshop   David Hudnut
1995 SHA Western Workshop   Dan Armstrong
1995 SHA Western Workshop Lectures (Synopsis)  Bruce Carmichael
Sailplanes and Flying at the 1995 SHA Western Workshop Dan Armstrong
Cover:  PW-5 3-view
Vulture   Guenther Schmidt
Alex Strojnik Obituary   Bruce Carmichael
SHA and other Soaring Organizations Exchange Newsletters Dan Armstrong
Tables for Computing Shears and Bending Moments  Stan Hall
Designing Toward a 1-Ft/Sec. Sinking Speed  Bruce Carmichael
American Made World Class Gliders   Oran Nicks
Gliders and the Checkbook           Janice  Armstrong
Woodstock Builders Forum   Clint Brooks
Cover:  Flightline scene from  1994 SHA Western Workshop
Solar Hawk Three-view   Dick Harrington
Edgley EA9   Derek Piggot
Woodstock Builder's Forum   Clint Brooks
Prue Primary   Irv Prue
My 4-Min. Silver Distance Attempt   William Bentley
Composite Prepreg Sandwich Methods   Vance Jacqua


Cover:  Carbon Dragon
Design proposal for a minimum weight glider #2 (reprint)    P.B.S. Lissaman
Compact 110 progress report  Bill Spencer
Engines - friend or foe?  Dave Gustafson
Adventures with a self launcher  N.A. Sandberg
Cover:  Sierra tows behind an ultralight aerotug
PW5 Update
In Memoriam: James R. Lillie
Need for a I3 meter competition class and a proposal to establish it  Jim Marske
Beginning the BMG motor glider  Bob Barbour
Wetted area and L/D  Kevin Renshaw
Cover:  Jim Maupin flying the Woodstock Prototype
To soar like an eagle  Don Santee
SHA Annual report to the SSA  Lewis Johnson
Windex C Motorglider
Keystone Gliderport celebrates 20 years
Obituary: Jim Maupin
Light sailplane class  Dan Armstrong
Pioneer II report  Mike Hostage
Cover:  American Spirit and Falcon prototypes in Advance Soaring Concepts factory
SHA history #1  Don Santee
Woodstock builders forum  Clint Brooks
Low cost fiberglass fairings  Les King
US Ultralight Soaring Association announcement   Chuck McGill
Meanwhile, back at the workshop  T. Rye Builden
Work party  Pete Bonotaux
Cover:  Monatee, built by Jack Greene, later owned by Phil Fulton
SHA history #2  Don Santee
Meanwhile, back at the workshop  T. Rye Builden
The club class  Dan Armstrong
Woodstock builders forum  Clint Brooks
Flying the HA-S2 Hobby  Alan Fullerton
Cover:  Tempest, flown by Bob Bailey, designer
Meanwhile, back at the workshop  T. Rye Builden
BRS cuts cost on parachute (news release)
Woodstock builders forum  Clint Brooks
Tempest ultralight sailplane  Bill Moyes
VSA western rally - photo album
Cover:  Jim Marske’s Monarch
Woodstock builders forum  Clint Brooks
Model spar testing  Dave Hudnut
Meanwhile, back at the workshop  T. Rye Builden
Genesis is nearing its first flight
Jenny  Pete Bonotaux
Eastern workshop - photo album
Sun N Fun and Oshkosh - photo album
Cover: Jeff Byard’s Slingsby T-21, Wayne Spani’s Ka-8b  - truck towing in Tehachapi
Cumulus ultralight motorglider news release
Meanwhile, back at the workshop  T. Rye Builden
1994 western workshop report  Howard Burr
Woodstock builders forum  Clint Brooks
1994 eastern workshop report  Dave Hudnut
Flying at the 1994 western workshop  Dan Armstrong
Meanwhile, back at the Workshop - Scrapers T. Rye Builden
Woodstock Builders Forum  Clint Brooks
Molded Composites in the Garage  Bob Barbour
Squid Ultralight Self-Launching Sailplane Fuselage Design Paul Liebenberg
Building the Monarch "F"  Howard Burr
Homebuilders Homely Hints  Victor M. Saudek


Composite wing vacuum bagging #1       Roger Johnson
Glider  pilots prayer       Jim Campion
DGM-1 Construction       Dave Gustafson
Pete Bonotaux Scrapbook #4      Pete Bonotaux
Homebuilt aluminum heat treating oven      William Berson
Array of glues available for wood      Richard Irland
Computer generated initial design estimates #3    Dick Harrington
DGM-1 Flight Testing       Dave Gustafson
Berblinger 96 – who can build the best solar powered sailplane?
Solaire’s GAPA PW-2D
Composite wing vacuum bagging #2 Flying Models Mag.
Computer generated initial design estimates #4    Dick Harrington
Cover:  Sierra on tow
Remembering Don Mitchell      Jeff Byard
Hall of Fame weekend – NSM
National Soaring Museum news
New variable geometry wing      Free Flight
New Sierra in limited production – news release    Angel  Matos
SSA National Convention       Dan Armstrong
Constructing maneuvering and gust envelopes without math #1  Stan Hall
Wing mounted drag rake for drag measurement      Bud Mears
Foam "Jiffy Jig"        Tom Gibbins
Computer generated initial design estimates #5    Dick Harrington
Cover:  Prue 160
Sky Fever Poem        J.M. (Ace) Field
Auto tow procedures       Jim Marske
American Spirit preview
Irv Prue – Hall of Famer       Pete Bonotaux
Constructing maneuvering and gust envelopes without math  #2  Stan Hall
Effects of time/weather on 3 glues      Don Santee
Computer generated initial design estimates #6    Dick Harrington
Cover: Bowlus "Paper Wing" Albatross, San Diego Museum
Bowlus Paper Wing Albatross      Richard Benbaugh
Akaflieg Braunsschweig SB-13 project     TWITT
Ultralight soaring        Ian Coristine
Cover:  Jim Marske’s Monarch
Building a Monarch rudder      Brewer Gant
Design contest        Bruce Carmichael
Local Library – A valuable resource       Don Santee
Eogase – National Soaring Hall of Fame     Dick Harrington
A different look at our sport      Jack Laister
So you thing things are difficult here?      Paul Kamps
Swift – brochure adaptation      Rigid Wing Reader
Availability of NASA computer programs      Peter Myers
Thoughts on inexpensive homebuilt sailplanes    Jim Maupin
Comments        Dan Armstrong
Cover: Jim Marske’s Monarch
In search of eagles       Dick Harrington
How to make a superb finish on a fiberglass aircraft
         Eugene Sandburg
Carbon Dragon – reprint       Chuck McGill
The longest quest – human powered flight     NSM Journal
Reference books/manuals for design/construction of Sailplanes  Dave Myers
Cover:   Fuselage of Genesis I Kit Sailplane
Eastern  workshop report       Dave Hudnut
Western workshop report       Howard Burr
How to build a sailplane at home – suggestions/ideas
         Pete Bonotaux
Builder’s hint from Jeff Byard’s demonstration of fabric
 Covering       Don Santee
IR upgrade for Sky NAV 5000 CPS Receiver
Genesis I standard class sailplane
8 hours and 19 minutes in an ultralight sailplane      Jim Marske
Compact 110        Bill Spencer
Making a bubble canopy       Otto Zauner
Proposal for certification of home assembled sailplanes from type certified kits Jack Laister
SM701 Airfoil        Somers/Maughmer
Cover: Swift on tow behind truck mounted payout winch
Stan Hall’s Collected Works
Reskinning a Miller Tern       John Cole
Obituary:  Donn and Amy Yarrow
World class design competition declares a winner
Design proposal for a minimum weight glider #1    P.B.S. Lissaman
Stealth II: progress report  Les King
From Russia with love


92 design contest guidelines         Bruce Carmichael
Another design contest - another chance to help ourselves Don Santee
"Soaring fever" poem  Helen Sisson
Steps in sailplane design  Jim Maupin
Eastern workshop plans
Early days at Elmira  Howie Burr
Motor gliders and self-launch sailplanes  Stuart Faber
V-N diagram - excerpt  K.D. Wood
Steps in profile drag determination - excerpt    Eric Lister
Newsletter update- former editor's report Angel Matos
Contest entry: Vindicator
Low tech spruce cutter  Tom Gibbins
SHA eastern workshop and ultralight soaring meet  Jim Marske
What every homebuilder should know  Don Mitchell
Newsboy and the Baby Albatross  Tom Gibbins
FAR Part 103 proposal  Jim Marske
Evaluation of the Minibat/Liebeck airfoil Jim Marske
Steps in drag determination  Dick Harrington
Design ideas and suggestions  Kim Buehre
Contest entry: ROC
Contest entry: Thesis
Contest entry: Swish Ill
Contest entry: DCM-1
contest entry: Mark II
Contest entry: KB MG-1
Contest entry: SL1-1A1P
Contest entry: Peregrine
Contest entry: Stylus
Book review: Airfoil Design and Data (Eppler) Bruce Carmichael
Cover:  Pioneer IID
In memory of Bill Rodenberg  Gail Truss/Les Arnold
More on the L-Spatz 55  Alex Rogers
Design entry: RI
Design entry: Stealth II
Design entry: Minitrans Pelikan
Design entry: Project Blue Book
Design entry: Millennium Moth and Millennium Condor
Cover:  DANA Motorglider by Marion Nowak
Eastern workshop report  David Hudnut
S2A construction project  Roy Price
Product preview: MiniStraton D-7  Dick Harrington
Flying the Sierra  Jeff Byard
Pete Bonotaux scrapbook #1  Pete Bonotaux
My first homebuilt glider                    Pete Bonotaux
Stemme S-10 Chrysalis diagrams
Cover:  Mark II by Reg Todhunter, and specifications
Western workshop report  Bruce Carmichael
Your editor  Dick Harrington
Design Contest summary
Cover:  Dave Gustufson’s DGM-1
In memoriam: John Chalmers  Bob Fronius
Western workshop photo essay  Doug/Bob Fronius
Pete Bonotaux Scrapbook #2  Pete Bonotaux
Design procedures  Dick Harrington
Design competition entries
Design references
Excerpts from the designer's handbook  Lee Lawson
Cover:  Don Santee’s Vindicator drawing
Pete Bonotaux Scrapbook #3  Pete Bonotaux
World Class Glider Competition  Press Release
In memoriam: Tom Irwin  Howard Burr
Western region business meeting report  Bruce Carmichael
Wren Mark II  Reg Todhunter
A builder's view of glue  Don Santee
Mooney's DD - where is it now?      Don Santee
Four design approaches for a most simple tractor powered self launching sailplane Jack Laister
Why ask why – DGM-1       Dave Gustafson
Composite construction       Harald Buettner
One man gliding        Australian Gliding
Update – Woodstock, Windrose, Carbon Dragon
         Jim Maupin
Flying the Carbon Dragon       Dan Armstrong
Early History of SHA       Don Santee
Promoting SHA        Paul Keays
Computer generated initial design estimates #2    Dick Harrington


Castles in the Sky        Jim Marske
Things you always wanted to know about Wood #1
         Stan Hall
The Flying Brick or the Carbon Coffin       Dave Gustafson
Restoring a TG-2        Jeff Byard
Sailplane development/comments on cost     Jim Maupin
Things you always wanted to know about Wood #2
         Stan Hall
Ultraline tow rope strength – 3 strand test       Jim Marske
Building a sandwich wing without a mold        Len Niemi
Computer airfoils        Jim Marske
Langley engineers aid land sailor in quest for world championship  Researcher News
91 Sailplane Design Contest
The Wing is the Thing (TWITT)
Contest entry: Stealth Primary      Jim Maupin
Contest entry: Wingthing
Contest entry: Niemi-Clark Junco
Contest entry: No-Toe
Spar failure test fixture
A flight to remember       Jeff Byard
How to make fiberglass/epoxy tubes     Jim Marske
Contest entry: Ariel  Jim Maske
Contest entry: Flying Surfboard  Harald Buettner
Contest  entry: Hooter 17  Bill Specer
Contest entry: Ultralight Hawk  R.V. Harrington
Contest entry: Stealth II  Don Mithell
Contest entry: KDB-S1  Ken Blakburn
Contest entry: Stealth Primary
Sierra  Advanced Aviation
Ultralight sailplane meet
Flying the Hutter H-17  William Stoner
Woodie 90  Bob Noble
Ultralight soaring  Angel Matos
Eastern workshop notes  Dave Hudnut
Reducing the cost of soaring  Jim Marske
My most memorable flight                 Jim Marske
"Paradise gained" poem                      Helen Sisson
Sky surfing - a new sport                  Pete Bonotaux
Strength of materials comparison  Gene Sandburg
Hot wire foam cutting machine  Gene Sandburg
Western workshop report
91 design Contest in review  Bruce Carmichael
Western workshop keynote address  Stan Hall


Membership Log
Low wing loading and self-launch      Don Mitchell
Realities of sls engine design system      Paul Liebenberg
Contest entry: Stealth II
Contest entry: You Do One
Contest entry: Airshark C-Utility LSC
SSA 90 Convention observations      Jim Marske
Estimating sailplane performance       Jim Marske
Contest entry: Bye Bye Baby
Contest entry: SHA Sportster
Contest entry: Minimoba
Contest entry: Gooneybird
Estimating flight polar of a sailplane     Jim Marske
Estimating empty weight of sisngle place cantilevered
 non-flapped sailplane
World Class        Press release
Technical sleuth considers the case of the broken wing
         Stan Hall
Contest entry: Elan
Contest entry: 7-11 Motorglider
Contest entry: Wild Thing
Contest entry: One design class (1-26 for 200l)
Contest entry: The Squid
Contest entry: Aphrodite
Contest entry: Dragonfly Ultralight
Contest entry: Teacher
Contest entry: Kestrel
Low wing loading versus penetration     Jim Marske
A twist on torque tubes       Stan Hall
Contest entry: Boomerang Trainer
Contest entry: Komet
Contest entry: CS-32 and CS-34
Contest entry: Doppel-Schwanz Teufel
Eastern Workshop report       Dave Hudnut
Contest entry: Wingthing
Contest entry: No Toe
SHA design contest results      Bruce Carmichael
SHA’s time has come       Paul Schweizer
Western Workshop report       Bruce Carmichael
Price of a self launch sailplane      Jim Marske
Winch tow – way to go       Don Santee
Table for predicting performance      Stan Hall
SHA membership survey results      Lew Johnson
Towline Elasticity       Jim Marske
Blue Wren update       Reg Todhunter
Tow release mechanism       Irv Culver
Solar powered sailplane – Sunseeker excites soaring community  Pete Bonotaux
The Gnat        Jack Olsen
My First Soaring Flight       Dale Arrington
A current builders viewpoint      T. Charles Hillis
1991 Design Contest       Jim Maupin
Comments on pilot protection      Ernest Schweizer
Membership Log


What’s going on letter
Advantages of ground launch  J.H. Campbell
Alignment chart for the design of push-pull tubes Stan Hall
Saga of  75 Romeo  Bill McElwee
Ouestions/answers about the Woodstock SLS Paul Liebenberg
Test flight  Bill McElwee
Pop rivets
Further testing of the Blue Wren  Australian Gliding
Ground launch references
Carden-Baynes Scud III auxiliary
SLS launch costs vs. engine size      Paul Liebenberg
More on the design of push-pull tubes     Stan Hall
Easy way to find the cg       Stan Hall
Effects of wing loading       Bruce Carmichael
Stealth Primary        Jim Maupin
Choosing wingspan       Bruce Carmichael
Design for safety        Irv Culver


Membership log
Thoughts on subject of homebuilt sailplanes #2 Don Santee
The glue stew  Bill McElwee
A comfortable trip to Mt. Comfort  Mike Bowlus
Update on progress of my Pioneer IID #96 John Irwin
Atlanta 88 Report  Bruce Carmichael
How to Bend Aluminum Channels Accurately Dick Schreder
Thoughts on the Subject of Homebuilt Sailplanes Don Santee
Lesson of Tehachapi and a new slant on structural testing   Stan Hall
Latest information on extruded spars
Oshkosh 88
Building and flying the Carbon Dragon      Jim Maupin


Self-launch meet  Howard Burr
Carbon Dragon update  Jim Maupin
Convention report  Bruce Weber
FFD models 8,9  Henry Cherry
Homebuilders problem #1 - wife  Pete Bonotaux
GL-lI plywood  Don Mitchell
Carbon Dragon update  Jim Maupin
Bonotaux’s Bulletin:  The World’s Greatest Homebuilder Pete Bonotaux
The Bonotaux Plan:  A possible method of reducing sailplane construction hours Pete Bonotaux
Cover:  MFD-1 drawings
Great progress in Prueland
Jim Maupin’s Carbon Dragon Nears Completion
What’s in Store for Tehachapi Workshop
What’s in Store for Blairstown Workshop
What’s in the Jig Dept.  Pete Bonotaux
NJ Chapter Formed
Victory Wing   Don Mitchell
In Remembrance:  Jim McCullouch
Cover:  ULF-1 3-view
Self Launch Sailplane Certificated in Germany
Soaring in a Thundercloud   Henry  Stiglmeier
Thoughts on subject of homebuilt sailpianes #1 Don Santee
Niemi-Clark Junco  Len Niemi
Ultralight motorglider - Zeis  Carl Osojnak


Silent creatures of the wind   Paul Dean
Fiberglass molding basics  Terry Healy
Equations for effect of moving, adding
or removing ballast on cg  Stan Hall
Aircraft plywood study  Ed Gabriel
Windrose #21  R.W. Long
Some laminar profiles for sailplanes  F. X. Wortmann
In Memoriam: Gustav Scheurer
Thoughts While Driving Home from Tehachapi Don Santee
Impressions and Fond Memories of SHA Workshop, Elmira, 1986 Pete Bonotaux
John Joseph Montgomery, 1858-1911
What’s in the Jig?  Pete Bonotaux
Mini Workshops, The Joy of Soaring
Carbon Dragon Progress Report, Sep/Oct 86 Jim Maupin
What’s in the Jig  Pete Bonotaux
Scarf Slopes in Wooden Aircraft  Gary Sunderland
Eastern Events  Lewis Johnson
Carbon Dragon Progress Report: Nov/Dec 86 Jim Maupin
A Moment of Truth  Pete Bonotaux


Cover:  BZ-1
Polyfix PJ-33 introduced by Redam, Inc.
Aanodic Treatment and Alodine      Don Mitchell
BZ-1      Micheal Bowlus
New Products, Innovations and Techniques - Cyanoacrylate glue, etc.  Richard Harrington
What Homebuilders Should Know - Miscellaneous    Don Mitchell
Eastern Events      Lew Johnson
MOBA-2 Sliding Nose      Gary Sunderland
Poem - Stall      Dave Hudnut
New Products, Innovations and Techniques      Richard Harrington
Eastern Events      Lew Johnson
Mitchell Victory "V" Wing      Don Mitchell
Windrose Well Underway      Robert E. Buckena
English Channel Flight with the VJ-23E: 10 HP Swingwing   David Cook
Cover:  Windex 1100
Windex 1000 Three-view
CG Limits and Longitudinal Stability      L.D. Sunderland
Book Recommendation re: John  J. Montgomery    Pete Bonotaux
Eastern Events      Lew Johnson
Elton M. Ballas Obituary
Stall Poem      Dave Hudnut
Electronic Memory Jogger      John Kevern
What is Steel      Don Mitchell
Structural Materials Fatigue
Cover:   Bernie Gross’ Deaf Hawk  (Pioneer II)
Bernie Gross' Deaf Hawk (Pioneer II) Flies
Condition of Steel      Don Mitchell
Safety Reminder diagram
Eastern Workshop Tentative Schedule
New Products, Innovations and Techniques     Dick Harrington
Membership Directory
Cover:  Various shots of workshops
Monarch E Three-view
HP-21, HP-22, HP-Pulse Jet-prop engine progress report   Dick Schreder
Eastern Activities      Lew Johnson
Homebuilders Meet in Philadelphia      David Hudnut
S-2 Flies Gold Distance      Don Santee
Western Workshop Report      Bertha Ryan
Cover:  Aeolus Model
Aeolus:  From Golden Goose to a Swan        Bob Blaine
Plywood Information      Ed Gabriel
Eastern Events      Lewis Johnson
1st Australian Homebuilders Workshop
      Gary Sunderland
Windex 1100/1200 development – progress report
FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Handbooks
Letter from Reg Todhunter re: Blue Wren


Cover:  1-26 and Blanik crash
Cu-Nim 1-26 and Blanik Accident      Tony Burton
Letters regarding American Eaglet
Cadmium Plating      Don Mitchell
An Improved D-Tube Leading Edge Strap Device    Stan Hall
Windrose Three-View  (Advertisement)
Eastern Events      Lew Johnson
Products,  Innovations and Techniques       Richard Harrington
LA Recreational Aircraft Expo, November 1984    Tasso Proppe
Proofloading, Part II      Jim Maupin
Fuselage Stand Construction
Eastern Events      Lew Johnson
SSA/SHA Homebuilt Sailplane Design Competition Judging Plan  Bruce Carmichael
Proofloading, Continued - Fuselage Bending     Jim Maupin


Cover:  Windrose proofloading
Carolyn Burr Dies Unexpectedly
Pilot Rating for Powered Sailplanes Clarified
Status report on "Salute" Motorglider
Proofloading the Windrose Wings      Jim Maupin/Jack Benedict
Graph comparing different structural materials
Blue Wren news
Tehachapi 1983 remembered      Bruce Carmichael
Mitchell U-2 establishes altitude record
Cutting 4130 Steel with Aviation Snips
MOBA Information
American Eaglet Newsletter information
Monerai news
Cover:  Dave Meyers’ Woodstock
Presidents report to SSA      Dick Schreder
Light approach to convenient, economical sport soaring, part III  Bruce Carmichael
Eastern Report       Dave Hudnut
Bonding       John T. Monnett,   Jr.
Tow Hook Design Suggestion by Woodstock Builder    Jack  Meyer
Cover:  Dick Schreder’s HP-21
SSA International Soaring Convention Report
Airfoil Choice
Carmichael's Dream - A Light Approach to convenient, economical soaring   Bruce Carmichael
Cover:  HP-22 3-view and specifications
HP-22 Kits
Sober Words about Homebuilding from Kits       Tasso Proppe
Catalyst Hazard - Organic Peroxide
Carmichael's Delightful Ultralight      Bruce Carmichael
Cover: Howie Burr’s Brigadoon (SGS 1-24) 3-view, specifications
SGS 1-24 Brigadoon       Howie Burr
MOBA Sailplane
Design Contest, 1984       Stan Hall
Making Plugs        Wolfgang O'Malley
        Walter Lane
White Knight Three-view
Howie Burr's Van Nuys Report
Cover:  Terry Healey’s sailplane fuselage project
Eastern Workshop Information      Dave Hudnut
Monerai news
Howie Burr Organizes Mini-workshop      Doug Lamont
Gearing up for Tehachapi, 1984      Bruce Carmichael
Design Contest Judging form
Cover:  Blue Wren and Windrose
Blue Wren      Reg Todhunter      Milton Lalas
Windrose information
Bob Noble's new powered sailplane photos     Bruce Carmichael
Test Flying a Tailless Ultralight aircraft      Tasso Proppe
Vinylester Resin
Loaner Tooling and comments on other subjects    Dan Alstatt
Book Review: Alex Strojnik's Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structures  Bruce Carmichael
Fiberglass Tips      David Reese
Cover:  Blue Wren
Blue Wren
Tip for Painting Fiberglass
Western Workshop Schedule      Dan Alstatt
Book Review: Alex Strojnik’s Low Power Laminar Aircraft
Structures      Bruce Carmichael
Fiberglass Tips      David Reese
Cover:  Blue Wren
Blue Wren
Tips for Painting Fiberglass
Eastern and Western Workshop Schedule
Test Flying a Tailless Ultralight aircraft, Part II    Tasso Proppe
Welded Joints      Gary Sunderland
Cover: Woodstocks, GW-6, Pioneer II, Bob Noble motorglider
Woodstock Wins
Western Workshop Report Bertha Ryan
East - Hudnut Reports      Dave Hudnut
Blue Wren photos
Recalling Tehachapi 84      Bruce Carmichael
Windrose Flight Test Program update
Possible Adverse interactions between epoxy, resorcinol and aerolite adhes. Chem-Tech
Windrose Photos
Tehachapi Workshop      Tasso Proppe
Typical Homebuilder - Howard Trampenau     Howard Burr
Recommended Drilling Speeds table
Eastern Events
I Musta Done It Wrong      Wally Wiberg
Proofloading, Part I, Wings      Jim Maupin 


Cover:   Sierra Monarch
Sierra Monarch information
St. Croix Ultralight
Hudnut Reports - SHA East      Dave Hudnut
Sandbags are Lovable!
Cover:   S-2
New 4-Cycle Engine for Ultralights      A. T. Lundgren
Reg Todhunter writes      Reg Todhunter
More on Windrose
RF5B Information      Stuart Faber
Freedom In the Spirit      David Reece
S2 Three-view
Cover: Windrose 3-view
Windrose Three-view
Central Region Report      Kevin Renshaw
SHA East
Shoulder Harnesses Can Hurt You      Stan Hall
Epoxy and Polyester Roller information
3M #77 Spray Adhesive Product Review     David Reece
Cover:  Aeolus 3-view
Aeolus 3-view Bob Blaine
Build in your Garage and finish before the Car Rusts    Irv Culver/Jim Maupin
Cover:   Windrose
Windrose progress report      Jim Maupin
Make your own
Windrose progress report      Jim Maupin
Make your own molds      Bob Blaine
Aerial Retrieve causes problems
Cover:   Solitaire
Solitaire Photos
Wood Basics       Gary Sunderland
SSA’s Reno through SHA’s eyes      Bob Blaine
Sailplanes Stay Away
Salute Progress Report
Low power Laminar Aircraft Design Book Review
Purple Magic source
Cover:  Bert Schmutzhart’s SCH-1
Epoxy product information
Homebuilts + Cross-Country = Fun & Badges    Jack  Benedict
Design Contest Update      Bruce Carmichael
SHA Workshops
Mold Making, Part II      Bob Blaine
Charles Bourget's Proposed Sailplane
Outcome of Judging at Tehachapi
Homebuilt of the Month      Michael Bowlus
Summary of Dick Schreder's Presentation at Tehachapi
Windrose Progress Report      Jim Maupin
GW-6 Information      Gene Whigham
SHA East Report      Dave Hudnut
Candidate Profiles,  Mitchell and Schreder
Progress in Homebuilt Sailplanes      Gary Sunderland
Todhunter Reports from Australia
Book Review: Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design    Bruce Carmichael
Light Approach to Convenient, Economical Sport Soaring, Part I  Bruce Carmichael
Windrose Progress Report      Jack Benedict
Cover:  Gary Sunderland’s MOBA
MOBA       Gary Sunderland
SHA East Report      Dave Hudnut
Carmichael's Dream      Bruce Carmichael


Cover:   Rob Sjostedt design
Wing tip Skids       Doug Bell
Padios Ponders Power Pod Problems      Len Padios
Election Results
Sneak Preview - Burt Rutan's contest entry
Homebuilt Bandsaw       Don Santee
First Flights - Duster       Howard Way
Cover:  Kevin Renshaw’s Pacific D-8
Metal Wing Construction      Grant Louis
SHA at Houston      Al Backstrom
Fuselage/Wing Bench      Al Backstrom
Background on Builders: Ken Davies      Gary Sunderland
First Flights: Saga of a D-8      Kevin Renshaw
Tasso's Ultralight Soaring Scene
Small is Beautiful - But Does it Fly?      Alex Strojnik
Folding Propeller is Successful
Backstrom's Plank nearing Flight Tests
Ex Hang Glider Pilot Challenges the Wave Jet Stream   Jack Benedict
Recreational Versus Competitive Soaring     Tasso Proppe
On the Question of 2-Seat vs. Single Seat Sailplanes    Peter Saitta
Notes Regarding the use of Epoxy Resins     David Reece
Homebuilding Down Under      Gary Sunderland
HP-21 Specifications      Dick Schreder
Control Surface Alignment      Al Backstrom
Pratt-Read Canopy Mold      Bob Blaine
Solitaire information/Three-view      Burt Rutan
Regional Workshops Acclaimed
Reflections from Tehachapi 82      Bruce Carmichael
SHA Design Contest Continuation
Molds        Bob Blaine
Aerial Retrieve causes Problems
The Arrow Three-view
Strap Clamp Diagram


Homebuilt Design Competition Rules
Some Thoughts on Sailplane Designs for the Eighties    Jim Maupin
The Case for Wood
ULF-1 Report
Progress of the Judges
Designs of the Eighties
Cover:   Woodstock
Clamping Techniques      Doug Bell
Eaglet status
Elections Held
Woodstock Builders Survey             Jim Maupin
Design Contest Update
First Flights       Roy Hinton 


Introductory Information
A Call for Design Class Sailplanes      Bob Smith
Engines: G2581
More Specs on Design Class      Irv Culver

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