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twist in horizontal stabilizer 28 Nov 2015 23:05 #937

Looking at the Ribs for the horizontal stabilizer it appears there is an up and slight twist, is this correct, there does not seem to be any other reference or dimensions shown any other place

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twist in horizontal stabilizer 29 Nov 2015 00:15 #938

Hi Don,

Steve Adkins commented on this in his notes:


Wash-In and Boundary Layer: In a letter to me, Jonathan Pitt points out, "The elevator [D-tube?] is oversized in order to reattach the boundary-layer at the hinge line. It is just another bit of aerodynamic tweaking that Irv Culver added to make a great flying sailplane. Another point to look at is the small wash-in built into the horizontal stabilizer. This wash-in helps to self-trim the stick forces as the airspeed increases ... but it can be a trouble spot when you attach the D-tube skin." If you carefully draw a nose-to-trailing-edge line on each airfoil and carefully analyze the amount of camber above and below this line ... you will clearly see a built-in twist to the H Stab.

I have to look closely at my finished H-stab to see the small amount of wash-in, but it *is* there!

The wash-out / twist on the main wings is altogether much more obvious - it's really quite pronounced towards the wing tips!

Build it to the plans!


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