Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) 29 Jun 2016 10:02 #978

Looking *really* good Don - beautiful work - well done!!

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Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) 29 Jun 2016 21:53 #979

Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) - Page 6 - Jim Maupin's Gliders
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Here is the load test, glad when it is done and nothing broke. 232 lb total which works out to 95.5 on the elevator, and 139.5 on the stabilizer. 12 #/sq foot per FAA Glider Criteria. It was mounted as would be in the aircraft, resting on the stab attach fittings and the horn blocked for the elevator. The rear spar is strong enough to support the fully loaded elevator.

Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) 30 Jun 2016 01:14 #980

I now have to go back to the computer and convert the vertical fin. It will not be much different in concept but there still are lots of parts to draw, along with 3D work to get the exact rib profiles for the middle ribs. End ribs are from the full size scale drawings off of the PDF drawings.

It should be a while before I have anything to show next.

If you have questions e-mail and I can answer them here or I will at least e-mail back.
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Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) 04 Jul 2016 01:50 #985

I see we have a new member/builder working on the Boom. I currently am sneaking up on a design for the conversion to metal for the Boom but it is very difficult to match the strength to weight of the wood/CF one. I recently read in Perry that wood is stronger by weight than aluminum which was surprising to me.
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Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) 04 Jul 2016 10:11 #986

Yeah - wood is impressive stuff, with a strength to weight ratio that even carbon fiber struggles to beat!

You can find my calculations for the tail boom here:

...scroll down to 'Tail Boom Longerons.'

I read last year that there is a new composite material under development that appears to blow carbon fiber out of the water in strength to weight: cellulose fiber. The early test data suggests that cellulose fiber is significantly stronger (and I think lighter IIRC) than carbon. There is/was only one catch - it rapidly lost its strength and structural cohesion when it became wet! The report suggested that they were experementing with doping the cellulose fiber with different compounds to make it hydrophobic (repel water molecules).

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Powered Aluminum Dragon (Part 1) 04 Jul 2016 11:26 #987

which will add weight
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