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Bulheads materiaal choice ??? 30 Jun 2016 15:05 #981

To all Carbon Dragon builders just started to read and study the plans/drawings .
allready started with some bulkhead forms that ca be used to router the real once with them
as a guide out of the right material.
The later is my problem what to use as the right and strong enough wood for the bulkheads
because multiplex mahogany or okoume is when looking and experience the demensions by fare not strong enough.

So in short my question is what is used when building in wood ?
Also the thicknes of these bulkheads is not clear.

kind reagrds


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Bulheads materiaal choice ??? 30 Jun 2016 15:09 #982

I am talking about the tail boom bulkheads!

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Bulheads materiaal choice ??? 01 Jul 2016 18:09 #983

Hi Bart,

My apologies - I meant to reply to your post earlier but I got sidetracked! The original builders' manual calls for all the bulkheads, leading edge ribs and pilot pod frames to be made out of 1/4" (6mm) Marine grade mahogany plywood. The mahogany marine ply I used in my pilot pod has five plys and is really nice stuff to work with - it cuts nicely and doesn't have any voides between the layers as you find in lower quality grades of plywood (WBP and cheaper, softwood plys.) Birch ply is good stuff too, but I think the marine ply will last longer in a damp environment. Just make sure you use a sharp router bit or jigsaw blade to avoid any splintering of the outer plys.

Some of the tail-boom bulkheads are reinforced with an extra layer of 1/4" ply at specific locations (cable pulley mounts.) Take a look at Yashshi Akahori's tail-boom construction photos - he built his according to the original plans and manual:


The compressive loads on the tail-boom bulkheads is pretty small, and once the longerons are bonded in to the slots you cut into the bulkheads, they actually become very strong indeed! Again, the trick to cutting a good part is a really sharp saw blade, and don't rush the cut!

It's great to hear you're taking the plunge and starting to build a new Carbon Dragon - go for it!!

Don't hesitte to ask questions - I'll give you all the help I can!

All the best,


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Bulheads materiaal choice ??? 04 Jul 2016 01:43 #984

Welcome to the forum

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