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TOPIC: Active builds

Active builds 04 Feb 2020 02:34 #1269

Howdy all, from Australia, current paramotor pilot looking to build something like the carbon dragon, I have seen that the dragon will require modifications for a 6'4 pilot are there any active builders out there?

Alex W

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Active builds 04 Feb 2020 12:36 #1270

Hi Alex,

Welcome to the forum. I recently finished building an all-composite Carbon Dragon, and Erik Jan Brans is making very good progress on his build in the Netherlands. Don Berliner is also building his CD entirely out of aluminium and intends to put an engine on his. Rick Mullins completed his CD a few years ago too.

The CD is an absolute joy to fly... though I'm still getting used to the feeling of flying in the very strong thermals in the French Alpes, where I fly (I haven't flown it at home in Ireland yet due to our less than ideal weather!) Because of its very light wing loading, the CD lets you feel every lump, bump and nuance in the air - it is really sensitive :-)

I am 5'11" (say 6' in shoes) and needed to move my rudder pedals forward by about 2" inches to give me a comfortable position in the pilot pod (I like having my legs almost straight - only slightly bent.) The existing pilot pod design can accommodate this without major modification, but it would not be a big job to stretch the pod an extra few inches to accommodate your size.

The CD was designed for a very light pilot (60-65kg) pilot, so you may need to stretch the wings a little to keep the wing loading down for your weight. Again, not a big deal, but consult here before you commit to building so your numbers can be checked. I have a spreadsheet (which you can modify for longer wings) that will calculate the loads and stresses along the wing, and tells you how strong you need to build your wing (and how much carbon rod to use in the spar caps.) Steve Arndt stretched his wings to accommodate his weight.

  • www.ihpa.ie/carbon-dragon/index.php/cd-b...rs/phil-lardner-s-cd

  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you like - we'll do our best to help you out.

    All the best,


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    Active builds 12 Feb 2020 21:31 #1271

    Thanks for the quick reply Phil, ideally I would like my carbon dragon to have a sustainer motor for self launching and maybe when the lift dies, at 6’4 and 105kg this may not be achievable. My interest is in composites as well as using Cnc machinery where I can.

    I have an engineering background so the mathematics are not an issue

    Cheers Alex

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