The IHPA Grid Challenge has been inspired by the Parlick Grid Challenge in the Pennines and the Dodd Grid Challenge in the Dales.

We have created waypoint files for 3 well known flying sites around Ireland: Mt. Leinster, Inagh Valley and The Galtees. The waypoints are laid out in a grid formation with each point 1km apart and surrounded by a scoring cylinder of radius 400m. On top of each grid we have created a Track which joins the dots together and forms the challenge.

To get on the leaderboard, simply visit as many cylinders as possible along the track line in the correct order (in a single flight) and send your igc file to IHPA Secretary David May (see the Contacts webpage.) Your score will be the highest number of consecutive cylinders along the track line that you pass through. You must start/end in the indicated cylinders and record at least one gps point inside each track cylinder in the correct order for it to count. You can attempt each track in either direction - see the individual tabs for more details.

Note: where scores are equal, the most recent flight is highest. So if someone equals your score... they're beating you until you can do that score again... or better.

The IHPA Grid Challange is an ongoing challenge with no time limits and no closing date and is open to anyone - you do not need to be a member of the IHPA to participate. Just download the waypoint file for each flying site from the following tab-pages, upload them to your flight computer/gps, add the described task and... good luck!

Apart from being great fun, the purpose of the IHPA Grid Challenge is to give pilots a chance to practice using their instruments, in particular their GPS - how to load a waypoint file, add a task and then successfully follow a task.

See below for a description of how to create a grid. If you would like to create your own, or add a new track to an existing grid please send your suggestions to IHPA Secretary David May with the new waypoint files (if you are creating a whole new grid) or a list of waypoints from an existing task (if you wish to add a new task to an existing grid) and a description of why you think it would be a good addition to the Grid Challenge.


Creating a Grid Challenge

1. Pick a site
Grid Mt Leinster 5x5qB 1 blank

2. Create the grid of waypoints
Grid Mt Leinster 5x5qB 2 waypoints

3. Add the cylinders
Grid Mt Leinster 5x5qB 3 cylinders

4. Add the task
Grid Mt Leinster 5x5qB 4 track


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