50-Hour Sites

Hang Gliding and Paragliding are inherently dangerous sports. In the interests of pilot safety, some flying sites have been deemed (through hard experience) to pose a significantly greater risk of a serious or fatal accident to inexperienced low air-time pilots and may not be flown by any pilot with less than 50 hours of air-time flying experience. Generally, a site is deemed to require a minimum of 50 hours air-time experience if there is no easy landing field directly out in front of the launch area. This includes most coastal flying sites where the pilot is required to either top-land, land on a narrow beach, or where the pilot must fly over the side of a valley, or any significant distance to reach a safe landing zone. Please respect these sites and do not be tempted to fly them until you have a minimum of 50 hours air-time experience. When you have finally clocked up 50 hours you are strongly advised to only fly these sites in the company of another experienced pilot who can give you a full site briefing. Please take heed of this warning - all of these sites have seen serious and potentially fatal accidents over the years - don't become a statistic!





If you think the 50-hour rule is for wimps, watch this video:


If you or your canopy (or wing) ends up in the water (even just at the edge) it can be fatal.



Killiney (Co. Dublin)

This coastal site has a difficult launch (for both PG and HG) facing directly out to sea. The landing zone is on Killiney beach, some kilometres to the right of take off, and can be very narrow when the tide is in. Landing on the beach must sometimes be accomplished in a cross-wind whilst avoiding large numbers of other beach users. Please also note that Killiney is inside the Dublin Air Traffic Controll Zone. Pilots wishing to fly here MUST contact Dublin ATC on 01 8144601 and ask for the Data Assistant before and after flying. This site may ONLY be flown by current members of the IHPA or by visitors and guests flying in the company of an IHPA member. This specific condition was stipulated by Dublin ATC when permission was first granted to fly sites inside Dublin airspace.

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