All pilots are required to have Personal Liability insurance cover for €1,500,000 or more if they wish to fly in Ireland. This is the minimum level of cover that is agreeable to RTE, Coillte and many of the landowners from whose property we fly or land on. Please note that VHI, VIVAS and BUPA, etc. Health Insurance policies DO NOT provide Personal Liability cover and will not cover you against claims in the event of a flying related accident.


Annual Cover

Sports Accident Insurance  For Hang Glider Pilots and Paraglider Student Pilots under professional tuition.

The IHPA has negotiated a very attractive deal with Sports Cover Direct and you may like to consider their Sports Accident Insurance policy. You can buy SCD cover on-line and they will email your policy number and details to you immediately... and you'll be helping the IHPA, as we will receive a small commission for every new policy sold!

As of 2013 and following a string of claims, Sports Cover Direct have withdrawn from offering annual cover to Paragliders unless they are under full-time instruction (students in a school environment), and AXA are now the only other insurer that we know of who will cover paragliding. If you discover any other insurers offering annual 3rd Party cover for paragliding in Ireland, then please let us know!




The IHPA has recently secured a deal with AXA to cover Paragliders. IHPA members will receive a 10-20% discount when they provide their NAC membership number (available from your profile page after you have registered) depending on the product they buy.




In the past year a number of other companies have started offering similar, and in some cases more comprehensive cover for hang glider and paraglider pilots, and we invite you to examine the benefits of their policies also.

If you discover a new supplier of incurance cover, please let us know and we will include them on this page.

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