Welcome to the IHPA website. The IHPA is the National Association for the sports of Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Paramotoring and Powered Hang Gliding in Ireland. We were founded in 1974 as the Irish Hang Gliding Association and later expanded to include the newer sports of paragliding and foot-launched powered aviation.

The IHPA is a democratic association of pilots run by its members, guided by its Constitution which it adopted in 1997. The Executive Committee is elected by its members at the AGM, and anyone may put their names forward for election. The committee comprises a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the Training & Flight Safety Officer, a Hang Gliding and a Paragliding Competitions Officers. The committee may, and occasionally does, co-opt other members to oversee particular tasks.


First and foremost this is *your* Association, so please play an active part in it!

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 Three Steps to Hang Gliding

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