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Woodstock (Motorglider) 01 Mar 2020 15:09 #1272

Hello, Very nice job! What diameter and pitch prop did you use? How does it perform? I too am looking for 13 m wings and planning on a motorglider, but like many, I can't find 13m wing plans. Would love to see plans posted on this site. Thanks, Mark

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Woodstock (Motorglider) 02 Mar 2020 10:59 #1273

Hi Mark,
The only set of plans I have can be found on this site here:


Download the pdf file and open it in Acrobat Reader rather than in your web browser, which may truncate the pages a bit (mine does for some reason!)

If you do come across any other versions of the drawings, please send me a copy so I can post them up on this site.



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