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I just found out my ISP was rejecting e-mail from this account. I note I have received e-mail over time and I am sorry I have ignored you. I have changed my e-mail address in my set up and hopefully I now will get e-mails. If you are still interested in file exchange or correspondence with me lets try again

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I purchased a 3W 200 model airplane engine for power launch. 20 hp 10 Lb. at 6800 rpm. Started the elevator. Elevator ribs done working on spars. I plan to load the elevator to limit (12 psf) to test my calculations. Pictures to follow if there is interest. E-mail and respond to show interest. I have been having problems getting e-mail from the link here. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should get through.
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Phil wants more so here is more, not much,..... seen one rib seen them all.


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The material is .025 and .016 2024-T3 One needs a bending break to make the angles. I use standard aircraft 3/32 AD rivets. I do not like pop rivets, they are expensive and not as strong. I can not recommend this brand of Chinese bending break, I had to do extensive work (fabrication) to make it bend correctly. I did not pay much for it though.


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Elevator 1/2 no major mistakes

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other 1/2 spar done,....2 days to cut, form and rivet. Sunday, will splice the two halves. Going slow sort of making up the assembly order as I go. The 1 1/2 x 3/16 aluminum angle it is sitting on is my flat surface for now, works well and is very flat.